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Recording Equipment at Sonicturtle

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

For the Past twenty years i have been helping other artists record their work. Over the past decade i have collected some nice microphones and a Neve Poritco 2 PreAmp, Motu and Apogee Sound Cards, I also have a collection of vintage synthesizers and assorted acoustic instruments. In my mix studio i have multiple sets of studio monitors, (genelec/adam/yamaha/krk), a powerful studio computer and a sound treated mix room. Ive also got an eclectic collection of Vst Plugins and emulation of some very popular studio hardware powered by Uad, A decent collection of audio manipulation tools. (Izotope/FabFilter/Melodyne/Uad/Eventide/) and many years experience in the industry.

i have also done a fair bit of work cleaning audio for independent films and video productions.

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