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5 Things the Artist Needs to Know Before Recording

1 Everyone is on your side. At Sonicturtle Music we are here to help you get your ideas out of you head onto the "tape" Many approaches possible to create the perfect flow and vibe for relaxed recording. From having a recording studio in the forest outside a small town on a lake, to home cooked meals we strive to create a calm relaxed studio experience to catalyze and capture the moment.

2 Being Prepared. Coming to a session with all your equipment in top shape , instruments dialled and notes / charts, Extra Strings, Guitar Tuners , picks , , cables .

3 Having a Game Plan ( a map of what you want to accomplish)

4 Everyone needs a break. Working for many hours in the studio can be taxing on your system the engineer/producer may have been glued to his chair spending many hours on your creations. Take Breaks and rest your ears and stay hydrated

5 Mixing is not Free Neither is preparing stems or doing files transfers. If it takes time to do then that time will cost you. Your friendly engineer will likely be giving you free time for things you don't see already. So plan ahead

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